About the Author

Jay P. Lenz was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Squirrel, Idaho, near Yellowstone National Park. As a young man he became an avid hunter, fisherman, trapper, naturalist, and outdoorsman. Because of his love of nature and animal life, Jay pursued an education focusing on Science, and received both his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Brigham Young University. He taught in the Public School System, both Secondary and College level for fifteen years. He is also a skilled builder, cabinet maker and woodworker.

An accomplished poet, and father of eight, Jay felt determined to write a children's book that is not only fun, but educational, and can be used to introduce children to an incredible variety of animals at a very early age. He now resides with his lovely wife, Carole, in San Antonio, Texas.

Author Jay P. Lenz